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Intro to pilots

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2013 12:59PM EET
Pilots (or auto pilots) are in essence rule-based playlists. They automatically generate a list of random tracks according to specific rules you define. It's an easy way to fill the radio station's program with music during hours where there is no available DJ. Pilots can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. They can range from "shuffle all songs in the library" to things like "play 1 track by U2, then 3 indie rock tracks, then a jingle that matches the term 'rock' then one track that comes from a sountrack and then repeat the same recipe".

As mentioned, pilots consist of rules which may be a song, jingle or break from a tag, keyword, album or an artist. These rules will repeat generating a list of songs for as long as the pilot is scheduled to play. When creating a pilot, you will get an indication of how long it can play without repeating the same song, or get a warning if you introduce a rule that matches no tracks. 

Each radio station has a default pilot. This is an important thing to setup for your radio station. If there's no schedule or if all other shows, playlists and pilots fail, Radiojar will use the default pilot to play some music so it can keep the station broadcacsting. 
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