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How to schedule jingles or advertisements

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2013 06:16PM EEST
If you want to add jingles or advertisements to the normal flow of your station's schedule you'll need to use what we call Breaks in Radiojar. Breaks (break items) are in effect small playlists that play on designated times throughout the day. You schedule breaks on a different interface so they don't interfere with your normal schedule of shows or pilots/playlists. Breaks can only play on designated break slots. In each break slot, you can assign a break item.
To get started, go to the management area of your station and click on the Breaks tab. Here you can create and manage the positions of the break slots, and then create break items which will be scheduled in these break slots.

Adding Break Slots

The first thing to do in your breaks configuration is to create the break slots. We'll do this by clicking on the "Break slot configuration" tab. On the top of the screen there's a bar that gives you an overview over 24h of break slots. The same break slots will apply for all days in your schedule. Later on we'll see how to schedule breaks differently on e.g. weekends or on specific days.
When starting out the break slots list empty. We can add a single break slot at a specific time (say at 01:15) by selecting the time at the relevant control and clicking "Add".

After adding this break slot we can see it appearing in the list on the left and on the overview bar as a small line at the appropriate point. 

To quickly add many break slots you can use the "Add slots every" section and selecting an interval between break slots and then the period in which you want the slots to be added. E.g. we can add slots every 1 hour, on the hour, for
the period from 01:00 - 06:00 and then every 15 minutes for the rest of the day.

You don't have to schedule a break item to play in each and every one of these slots. However, a break item can only be scheduled in a slot, so make sure you have created slots that will allow you to be flexible in scheduling.
Click on "Save changes" to save the break slots you created. 
The first tab, "Breaks schedule overview", gives you an overview of the breaks that will actually play each day. The slots you have just created should be visible there, but the schedule will be empty.

We can now proceed to fill it with break items by clicking on the "Break item configuration" tab.

Click on the "Add new" button to add a new break item. On the window that appears you will set  the details of the break item. First you need to specify the content of the break so you will need to upload a jingle or advertisement audio file. 

Click on "Upload Items" and select which kind of media you will be uploading, then click "Upload". Once you select a file from your computer, it will start uploading.

When the upload is complete the jingle or commercial file will appear on the list below. To add it to this break item, click on the '+' symbol next to it.

Now we need to specify when this break item will be scheduled to play, so we select the tab "When to play". By clicking on specific break slots (the ones we configured before) we can set the break item to play in them.

Finally there are some additional settings for the break item on the corresponding tab. The Method setting applies when we have added more than one audio files. You can have the option of selecting just one of them randomly or playing all of them in sequence in this break. In this example, since we only uploaded one jingle, there is no difference whichever we chose. Following is the period during which this break item will be scheduled. Select e.g. from today until the end of this year.

Tags will help you categorize breaks (if you have created many of them). Priority is used when some break items are scheduled in the same slot and helps to reorder them and play them with the according priority. 
Break item configuration is almost complete. Last but not least, enter a title for the break item and click on the status button (now inactive) to activate it.

Click on "Save" and you will see the break item you just created appear on the list of break items.

You can also inspect its schedule throughout the current week in the "Breaks schedule overview". 

As you notice, the break starts appearing on the schedule from the day that was set to begin (in this case, today, i.e. Thursday).

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