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Getting your station listed in TuneIn and implementing the AIR TuneIn Broadcaster API

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2014 04:18PM EEST
TuneIn is a web radio directory with over 100,000 live radio stations from every country around the world.
Listing your station in the TuneIn directory will make it easier for your listeners across the globe to find and access your station at any time and from any place, as TuneIn is available as an app on all smartphones and tablets, online at tunein.com and on over 200 other platforms (internet radio devices, smart TVs, cars, etc).

To get your station listed in the TuneIn directory, start by filling up this form. To find your station's stream URL, please visit the Widgets section in your station's management area and use the MP3 URL:

If you don't have a website for your radio station yet, you can always use Radiojar's micro site feature to get a one-page site for your station under a domain of the form: your-station-name.radiojar.com. To access the settings for your station's micro site, go to the settings area in the management area. 

After submitting your station, you'll soon receive an email saying that your station has been added to TuneIn's list (please check that you comply with their terms & conditions, otherwise your station might be rejected!). Getting your station listed is the first step that will provide you with a way for listeners to find you, when browsing by genre, area or by searching for your station's name (tunein.com is a very large website with good SEO, so don't be surprised if your station's page on TuneIn starts coming up in Google's search results higher than your own website!)

Listing your radio station on TuneIn is the first step to get your station discovered. But you can go one extra step and link Radiojar with the AIR TuneIn Broadcaster API. This is a TuneIn API that allows Radiojar to pass the information about the track playing now on your radio station to TuneIn. When TuneIn has that information, your station's page becomes much richer with nice visuals about the artist & track playing now, as well as a visual history of recently played tracks: 

Apart from a nicer looking TuneIn page, this integration will have great impact in your radio station's discoverability: your station will come up in search results when listeners are looking for stations that play specific artists. 

To integrate this API with your radio station, you will first need to get permission from TuneIn by sending them an email at broadcaster-support@tunein.com. You need to send them your TuneIn station URL and mention the broadcasting software you're using. A sample email text you can use is the following:

I'd like to ask your permission to use the AIR API for my radio station. My TuneIn station URL is: [replace with your station's TuneIn URL]. I'm using Radiojar to broadcast.
If TuneIn accepts your request, they will reply with a partner ID, a partner Key and a station ID. Go to the management area of your radio station in Radiojar, click on Widgets and then TuneIn API. You can fill-in the Partner ID, Partner Key and Station ID as given to you by TuneIn broadcaster support (Including an "s" before the StationId)  and click on Save changes: 

After doing that you will be able to see on your station's page in TuneIn track information displayed in real time.
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