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Having a collaborative show

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2014 06:31PM EEST
With Radiojar and our Virtual Studio you can have a collaborative show with multiple DJ hosts (until 6) that will be connected simultaneously at different locations and broadcast all together in real time. 

First you need to create the show, schedule it to play on a station and add the co-hosts. 
Have a look here on how to create and schedule a show.
Visit the management page of your show and click on the 'Host DJs' tab and invite the DJs you want to have as co-hosts at your show.
Now you are all set for the collaborative show. Fifteen minutes before the show starts you and the other hosts can have access to the Virtual Studio to prepare your show.

Click on the button Studio on the top bar to open the Virtual Studio.
When the time of your show has come you will be able to see at the DJs room section (top right corner) the DJ hosts that are connected. If the rest of the DJs appear as disabled this means they are not currently connected.
Once the rest of the host DJs connect to Virtual Studio you will be able to see them appear as enabled icons. You can communicate with them by clicking the button that is below of the DJs room indication and switch it to On. By switching the DJs Room ON means that you can hear and can be heard by the rest of the DJ hosts but what you say is not coming out on air and streamed to the listeners unless you open the microphone. When you have DJs Room ON an indication with headphones is shown on your icon. If none of the other hosts has switched ON the DJs Room then you are not heard by anyone.
When you all have the DJs Room switched ON then you can talk to each other. If any or all of you decide to open the microphone and speak on air an ON AIR indication is shown in your icon as well. 
Below you can see the explanation of the host icons statuses and indications.
All host DJs can also add their own songs to the decks and playlist. Each host can identify which song is from which DJ from the different colours that match their icon colours.


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