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What is “Total Listening Hours” (TLH) and how can I estimate it?

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2014 02:14PM EEST

What is “Total Listening Hours” (TLH)?

Total listening hours (TLH) is the amount of time your station stream is listened to by all of your listeners in total.  For example, if you have 100 listeners and they listen for 5 minutes each, the total listening hours are (100 x 5)/60 = 83.3 TLH.


How can I estimate my TLH per month?

Think how many listeners you expect to have during a month. Estimate how many hours you think, on average, each listener will stay connected to the stream you broadcast over one month. Multiply the two numbers and you get an estimation of your monthly “Total Listening Hours”. When choosing how many TLH per month you should prepay on Radiojar, use your estimation and prepay for those TLH only.


To give you a feel of a typical estimation, say you have a station with an average of 400 listeners per day, and that each listener spends on average 10 minutes listening to your station (i.e. a listener having a session on your radio player) per day. You will need to prepay for a total of 2,000 TLH per month.


Will my estimated - and prepaid- TLH restrict how many listeners I can have in a given month?

No. Your prepaid TLH do not restrict how many listeners you can have on that month. It's just an amount of listening time that you prepay. If you exceed your prepaid TLH Radiojar will not cut your extra listeners off, but will notify you and charge you an extra amount according to the extra hours you have consumed (please check our plans for the exact amount of money you will have to pay of you exceed your prepaid TLH).


What about storage, how much will I need of that?

Storage has to do with how many tracks are you going to use in your library for the web-based automation. Typically, one minute of audio is on average 1 MB, depending on the recorded quality. So 20 GB of library storage is about 20,000 minutes of music, which is equivalent to  around 330 hourly recorded shows, or 5,000 tracks.


Case Study 1: “I have a network with 25 shows on Blog Talk Radio and I want to switch to Radiojar. That is approximately 60 hours of shows, but I cannot figure out how many TLH I need to prepay and which plan to go for.

If  you know the total number of listeners during the 60 hours of shows then you can easily calculate your TLH by by multiplying this number by 60.  Since you have 25 shows you will need our 'Pro' plan that supports an unlimited number of shows and DJs. With Pro you can prepay your estimated TLH and, after a month, review how close your estimation had been. As said, we will not cut off any listeners, but will let you know how many TLH you actually used. With our feedback you can then “scale-as-you-grow” by prepaying for more TLH for the following months.


Case Study 2: “We have our Radiojar station linked to Tunein and it runs 24/7 so we were wondering if 2000 TLH are sufficient.

Your estimate of 2000 TLH would mean about 130 visits per day of 30 minutes listening each time. If you think that these TLH might be too few for you, then you can add an extra 1000 TLH to your plan by paying less than 2$ extra per month (See our plans for the exact figure).


We suggest that you always select the minimum quota of TLH when you are just starting with Radiojar, or if you are uncertain.  See how your TLH quota is used during the month you paid for, and check on the projection for the month following. You can always buy more or less TLH. Also note that the more listening hours you prepay for, the less they will cost you.

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