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How to join a station and schedule a show

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2014 06:01PM EEST
You can have a show scheduled to a station only if you receive an invitation from the station to be one of their DJs or host one of their shows. Some radio stations may let you schedule your show into their schedule, and others might block all DJs from their program schedule. 
So in order to signup as a DJ in Radiojar you need an invitation.
Once you receive an invitation from a station or other DJ you will receive an email like this below:

Click on the link and you will be directed to this page to signup:

Complete the procedure to signup and click on the Signup and accept invitation button.
  • If you have been invited by a station to be one of their regular DJs your homepage will look like this:
In your homepage you will be able to see the station which invited you as a DJ and you will have your own show (automatically created) which you can use to schedule in the station.
  • If you have been invited to host/co-host a show you will view this when signing in:
Your homepage conisists of the show which you were invited to host/co-host.
You have access to your library (where your tracks & playlists are stored and managed) through the button Personal media library. You can also create your own radio station but this is something you won't need if you are only a DJ.

Clicking on the show will take you to the management section of your show where you can schedule it, manage the content you want to broadcast, add other hosts and edit all the details of your show.

Click on the Schedules tab to add a new schedule for your show.
If there is no schedule setup from your station a popup will appear to add a new one. 
You need to define when your show will be scheduled. Set the date it starts, the time duration and if it will be a repeating schedule, specify when will it end.
In the following example the show is scheduled at 12:00 - 13:00  starting from 2014-06-24 and repeating all weekdays until 2014-08-21.
Be carefull to check the correct Timezone next to the 'Starts on' date selector.

Your show is now successfully scheduled to play on the date and time you have selected. 

Be sure to be online before your show starts to get prepared and start broadcasting. You'll find all the connection info on your homepage when you log in before your show starts.
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